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View Resistencia: Documentary on Military Coup in Honduras

July 13, 2015

Jesse Freeston, co-director of Revolutionary Medicine, has created an important and timely new documentary.

Resistencia: The Fight for the Aguan Valley follows three members of Honduras’ landless farmers’ movement as they take control of the plantation of the most powerful man in Honduras — all in the midst of the first coup d’état in Central America in three decades.

The film has already received standing ovations at the Quebec Film Festival in Montreal, the International Political Cinema Festival in Buenos Aires, and in Austria, Honduras and in the United States and United Kingdom. It has been seen by millions throughout Latin America, Spain and the United States via a primetime broadcast on teleSUR, the world’s largest Spanish-language public broadcaster.

The ongoing struggle for justice and against corruption has reached dramatic proportions in Honduras. Marches involving thousands of people are taking place every Friday night, with demands for the immediate resignation of a president who both supported and inherited the coup.

As David Swanson wrote last month in Counterpunch: “The people in the country go right on taking back more of their land and reclaiming it as a source of life rather than death. These people need no aid. They need simply to be allowed to live.”

So watch it, share it, attend or organize a screening in your area, and help put the fight for land and democracy in Honduras on North American radar. You may just help prevent another coup.