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Safe Pregnancy and Birth App Field Tested by Health Workers in Chiapas

April 03, 2014

Hesperian is excited to have recently partnered with Compañeros en Salud (CES) to field-test our mobile app, "Safe Pregnancy and Birth". CES held two field-test sessions with community health workers, midwives, clinic staff, and community members to evaluate and solicit feedback on the content and usability of the app.

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Hesperian Goes Back to School: taking a lesson from California parents and caregivers to make the HealthWiki more mobile-friendly

March 27, 2014

Back in April of 2013, Hesperian Health Guides received a grant from The California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF) to provide free, online, multi-lingual early childhood development resources for California families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. The grant enabled Hesperian to put Helping Children Who Are Deaf into the HealthWiki in four languages (EnglishSpanishChinese, and Vietnamese) and to make the Hesperian HealthWiki, our online database of searchable health information, more user-friendly to visitors using mobile devices like tablets and phones.

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Help 8 Hesperian translations that are ready to go to print!

March 11, 2014

All Hesperian books are published in English and Spanish, but all of our titles are available in multiple additional languages - over 80 so far!

How do these books get translated?

Hesperian works with amazing grassroots partners around the world, supporting them as they translate our books. Right now, Hesperian is helping 8 translation partners, located in Afghanistan, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Pakistan, to realize their vision of translating and distributing Hesperian books into Dari, Georgian, Tamil, Bahasa, Bunyore, Mongolian, Cebuano, and Urdu. These are only the projects that are close to completion—you can see more on Hesperian’s website.

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