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Gratis Fund volunteer Lee Gallery joins Hesperian Board

May 3, 2006

On June 22, 2006, Hesperian is proud to welcome longtime volunteer Lee Gallery to our Board of Directors. Our volunteers are critical to helping make our work possible, and Hesperian has a long tradition of volunteer representation on our board.

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Ethiopia, ’64-’66), Lee combines a passion for international development with outstanding program management skills, as she responds to 200 letters each month from communities around the world requesting free books. Lee has also actively helped us reach out to community organizations and individuals to tell them about Hesperian’s work. Through her dedication, she has been critical in facilitating over $10,000 in donations to send free Hesperian books to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

In countless ways, Lee’s efforts have helped Hesperian reach out to more communities, to support their efforts to take control of their own health care and address the root causes of poor health in their community.