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Partner Profile: Workers Book partner, Asia Monitor Resource Center

May 26, 2006

The Hong Kong-based Asia Monitor Resource Center (AMRC),, has been promoting democratic labor movements in Asia and the Pacific for nearly 30 years. AMRC engages in a variety of strategies to empower workers and create long-term movements for change, including training and organizing, research, advocacy, and international consulting. Combining a gender conscious approach with one that views worker activism as key to securing workers’ rights, the AMRC’s philosophy is closely aligned with Hesperian’s-empowering and organizing communities as the best means for ensuring health. AMRC is a key reviewer of draft sections of A Factory Workers’ Guide to Organizing for Safe Jobs and Healthy Communities. Earlier this year, AMRC used suggestions from our garment chapter in health and safety workshops with Burmese and Cambodian garment workers. They are eagerly awaiting the completed manual, and we anticipate working with them on translating it into several languages. Partnering with groups such as AMRC helps us make our materials effective tools for training and education.

Click here for more information about A factory worker’s guide to organizing for safe jobs and healthy communities.

Photo above: A group of Cambodian garment workers in a workshop to develop trainers to do factory trainings. Conducted with the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Democratic Workers Union (ccadwu), a Cambodian trade union federation.