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People’s Health Movement activities at the US Social Forum

May 25, 2007

US Social Forum June 27 – July 1, 2007 Atlanta, GA

As members of the People’s Health Movement (PHM), Hesperian staff have been very involved in helping to organize Health Justice activities at the upcoming US Social Forum. We have been taking advantage of the opportunity to build greater unity of vision and strategy among US health and health care organizations by jointly planning exciting events on health justice in the US. We urge you to attend any or all of these workshops:

“Promoting Health for All,” an International People’s Health University will be offered from June 27-30 in conjunction with the US Social Forum. Each day of the IPHU will include two hours of presentations by US and international health activists and academics, followed by two hours of discussion and activities. Afternoons and evenings are free for exploring the hundreds of workshops and presentations at the US Social Forum and networking with other leaders and activists.

Topics include:

  • Healthcare as a human right—not a commodity to be bought or sold
  • Socio-economic, racial, and gender inequalities as barriers to health and healthcare within the United States
  • Connections between health, trade, agriculture, and war
  • The global movement for equal access to health and healthcare
  • Practical skills for transforming knowledge into action on health issues

See details and application form.

USSF Workshops and panels PHM has organized or contributed to:
2838 Defending Our Water and Protecting Our Food: Bringing Family Farmers and Water Rights Advocates Together
2841 Our Bodies, Our Water: Our Right to Safe Water and Health
3005 A human rights approach to health advocacy and activism
3177 Health for All: a peoples vision for health and justice
3419 Access to essential medicines advocating locally and globally
3916 What Is Social Medicine?
840 A Peoples Healthcare Truth Hearing
See all the sessions submitted.

Other activities:
Wed., June 27th – Health activists and organizations march together in the opening ceremony.
Thurs., June 28th – Health and Healthcare Day in the Poor People’s Economic and Human Rights Campaign tent
Fri., June 29th, 3pm – “March for Our Lives” to CocaCola headquarters for the Right to Water
Ongoing – Work with the HealthCare NOW coalition to take testimonies from people affected by lack of health care, and in favor of HR 676 (the Medicare For All bill sponsored by Rep. John Conyers). Volunteers are also needed for petition signature gathering for HR676.

Let us know if you are planning to attend or if you would like to help
(contact Zena at [email protected])

See you there!