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International recognition for A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

January 25, 2008

Woman in wheelchair with two children Hesperian’s A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities, less than a year off the press, is already being used and receiving great acclaim worldwide. It is currently being translated by Hesperian partners into 10 languages including Nepali, Vietnamese, Lao, Chinese, Khmer, Bengali, Urdu/Sindhi, Telugu, and Azeri. Hesperian is currently completing the Spanish edition, to be released in the Spring. We are proud to share this recent review from the UK based journal Disability Pregnancy & Parenthood international.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities by

Jane Maxwell, Julia Watts Belser and Darlena David

‘Women with disabilities often discover that the social stigma of disability and inadequate care are greater barriers to health than the disabilities themselves.’ This book has been created to help women in ‘developing countries’ by giving useful advice, proper medical information and above all by promoting confidence and equality. It advocates not special treatment but equal treatment and it works on boosting self and general confidence in women to expect the same treatment as others and at the same time giving lots of information to allow women to be pro-active for themselves and take responsibility for their health. The book also recognizes the importance of support networks, care givers and the role of health workers. It provides advice for them but also encourages healthy relationships, promoting self-respect, clear boundaries and good communication.

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