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Partnership for Honduran Health Before the Coup

October 26, 2009

The current coup d’etat in Honduras and the suppression of democratic rights has made health work by many of Hesperian’s partner NGOs much more difficult. We are very concerned about their safety and the repression faced by the communities they serve. Here is a description of one kind of community health program sent to us prior to the coup.

These pictures were sent to us by Cornell University student Jessica Wagner. Jessica first heard about Hesperian while working with medical brigades in Honduras, where the health workers used Where There Is No Doctor to help them treat scabies and other illnesses.

Jessica is currently Vice-President of Partnership for Honduran Health, a group of students from Cornell University that helps plan and execute integrative, sustainable public health programs in communities in Honduras in partnership with a larger NGO, Salud Juntos.

For a class project at Cornell, Jessica and other students used Where There Is No Dentist
to plan an age- and culture-appropriate dental hygiene program for K-12 students called Sonrisas Saludables.  The program addresses dental health, the importance of brushing, and interactive games and activities, and they also distribute toothbrushes.  After the students establish the program, it’s handed off to community leaders who take over.  Sonrisas Saludables has been successfully implemented in two Honduran communities where more than 2,400 children have participated in the program and have received toothbrushes and toothpaste.   
Jessica tells us, “Your books and resources have been invaluable for our group and I have given the copy that I ordered as a gift to a woman in the community who is going to continue the program in the future.”