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Dollar-for-Dollar match for each Gift of Health until March 31st

January 19, 2012

Now through March 31st, 2012, if you make a Gift of Health through the Gratis Books program, it will be matched dollar for dollar by the generosity of the Wang-McLaren Foundation. This means that each gift you make will go twice as far—and for the price of one book, you can enable us to send two!

Each month, Hesperian receives 150 to 200 requests for resources from people who need health information but cannot afford to buy it. These requests come from poor, rural, and marginalized communities around the world and from people like Emmanuel Villalon, who lives in rural Mexico where there are very few resources for his blind son. He writes,

My wife and I are using the techniques described to teach our 5-year-old son to eat on his own and dress himself.  We are also learning about the feelings experienced by children who are blind, and that our son Leonardo is now at the age when children start to become aware of their disability.  The book has also helped me to understand how important it is for him to interact with other children.  My goal this year is for him to start going to school. Many many thanks to all of our friends at Hesperian!

Hesperian’s Gratis Books program was set up to provide individuals and communities in need with free copies of Hesperian resources. For a gift of just $25, you can ensure that a book is sent to someone like Emmanuel who is making his or her community healthier. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity! Between now and March 31st any gift you make will be doubled, thanks to the dollar-for-dollar match by the Wang-McLaren Foundation.

Hesperian books are a simple way to make a gift with wide reaching impact. Join us in pursuing Health for All!