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Thanks for your support this year- Happy New Year!

December 31, 2013

Dear friends,

As we look back at 2013, we can hardly believe how much your support has enabled us to accomplish – and we were there! Hesperian’s annual report summarizes all this progress – review it online with all our other freely accessible publications.

Here’s how we’re planning to expand on our achievements in 2014:

  • More than a dozen print-on-demand titles in languages other than English and Spanish will be released in the coming year in languages including Where Women Have No Doctor in Burmese, several women’s health titles in Nepali, the long-awaited Book for Midwives in French, and more!
  • Health information in Hesperian’s HealthWiki will almost double to including more on disabilities, early intervention, pregnancy and birth, midwifery, women’s health and empowerment, workers’ health, first aid, and non-communicable diseases. It will expand to include more books in Spanish, instructional videos, and will be significantly more accessible for mobile devices.
  • More chapters from The New Where There Is No Doctor on Menstrual Cycles, Cancer, Family Planning, and Diabetes in English, will be published online in English, and new chapters will appear in Portuguese, Swahili, and Haitian Kreyòl.

None of this would be possible without you — thank you for all the ways you support Hesperian! Happy New Year and Health for All in 2014!