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A different perspective this V-Day

February 13, 2014

This “V-Day,” stand in support of the billion women around the world who are survivors of violence and rape. As you follow the One Billion Rising for Justice Campaign in the news tomorrow, we’d like to share a perspective from our Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities.

“Disabled women and girls are even more likely to be abused, hurt, or sexually assaulted than non-disabled women. A woman’s disability never makes violence, abuse, or neglect OK. Women with disabilities deserve to live in safety, with people who care about them and treat them well.” (p. 287)

Access to accurate information about violence and how to seek support are critically important for women with disabilities experiencing violence from a partner, family member, caretaker, or colleague. A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities contains clear information about different kinds of abuse, preventing abuse, support for women seeking to leave a violent relationship, rape, abuse in institutions, and ideas to help women be safer from violence. Learn how you can take part in the world-wide movement of men and women working to end gender-based violence. Available in our free HealthWiki in English and just released in Spanish, this title is screen-reader accessible in the HealthWiki for people with visual impairments.

Make sure to take advantage of our sale on A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities and its Spanish edition, Un manual de salud para mujeres con discapacidades, both 40% off for the next week only. Use coupon code VDAY40 at online checkout.

Other updates from Hesperian:

  • Hesperian’s award-winning Safe Pregnancy and Birth app was selected recently as 1 of 7 most capable of providing “actionable health information directly to parents, families, and children” out of 1600 mobile projects reviewed by The mHIFA Working Group (Mobile Healthcare Information For All). Check out our blog post and a poster created by mHIFA.