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Workers Guide to Health and Safety – A new book for May Day!

April 30, 2015

It took us more than a decade, but it is finally here! 

Today, May 1st, celebrated around the world as International Workers’ Day, we are thrilled to launch Hesperian’s newest and most ambitious title: 

Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety

As one of our partners humorously put it, “It is about time! We need this book.”

workers' cover_204pxWorkers’ Guide to Health and Safety is an easy to use, fully illustrated resource that brings forward the issues that most affect factory workers, from poverty wages and violence to chemicals and ergonomic injuries. It offers practical ways to prevent injuries and illnesses caused by working conditions.  From the people that brought you Where There is No Doctor, the “bible of basic health care,” this new Hesperian title will become an indispensable tool for workers, union leaders, students and teachers of labor studies and occupational health, factory managers, and nonprofit staff members of organizations that work with workers and their communities.. After all, we spend an enormous part of our waking hours at work, but rarely do our medical systems take account of how that work affects our health. Read the full press release here.

The Workers’ Guide explains:

* How to recognize, monitor, and solve workplace problems caused by chemicals, machines and more.

* How to be a workers’ health promoter, and ideas for training.

* How to fight violence, gender discrimination, abuse of migrant workers, and low wages, all of which affect workers’ health.

WKfastLike all Hesperian books, it is full of illustrations, activities and stories that demystify occupational safety and health and make it relevant and accessible to everyone. Hundreds of our engaging work-related line drawings are now available for download and re-use through Hesperian Images.   

Read about the authors, recent press on the Workers’ Guide, praise for the book, sample chapters, and learn about the field testing process that helped to shape this title here.