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Grilling burgers and honoring workers

September 2, 2015


Don’t forget about the “labor” in Labor Day

Our new video highlighting Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety includes “Made in” labels to show the many places where our goods are produced. But, it turns out, a “Made in” label only tells the last chapter of a much longer story.

While the final product might be assembled in China, its components often have traveled from around the world: the cotton could be harvested in Brazil, woven into fabric in Bangladesh, dyed in India, and finally sewn with zippers from Mexico. The entire process could unfold over four or more countries — making our clothes far better traveled than most of the people who wear or make them.

This Labor Day, think about the invisible labor that goes into this holiday. From the workers who harvest and produce the foods and drinks we enjoy, to the workers who fought and organized for a day commemorating labor in the US. A lot of work went into having a day off.

Hesperian is dedicated to improving health for workers — on the job and at home. Please support our work helping people take charge of their own health by buying a copy of the Workers’ Guide — for every 8 books purchased through us, we can ship a free book to workers who need it. Or, contribute directly to our Gratis Book Program to send books to communities who can’t afford the cost.

Here’s to a Labor Day that celebrates workers!