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Sign the petition: Bottled water drains public resources

October 6, 2015

In Hesperian’s home state of California, we’re experiencing our worst drought in history. But that hasn’t stopped Nestle from selling bottled water taken from public lands. In the San Bernadino National Forest, Nestle’s water permit expired 25 years ago! But considering that Nestle continues to violate the international agreements on the marketing of breast milk substitutes, perhaps it’s not surprising.

Check out “The Story of Bottled Water” to learn how bottled water impacts our economy and environment by privatizing a public resource, increasing plastic waste, and perpetuating our reliance on fossil fuels. Then add your name to The Story of Stuff Project’s petition demanding Nestle stop profiteering from California’s waters.

As we documented in A Community Guide to Environmental Health, people working together can protect water resources:

When Coca-Cola built a bottling plant in Plachimada, India, that used 1.5 million liters of water every day, local wells ran dry and crops died. In response, thousands of community members organized to demand Coca-Cola cease operations, and after years of advocacy, the plant was forced to close. (Read the story of Plachimada in our free, online HealthWiki.)

The Story of Stuff DVD is a great teaching and organizing tool, and our A Community Guide to Environmental Health is full of practical ways to get yourself and others involved in working to improve the health of our communities and our planet. Use them!