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Health info crosses borders to aid refugees in Jordan

October 21, 2015

With border closings, harsh travel restrictions, and high fences, Hesperian health information can travel more freely than many refugees.

At the Jerash Camp in Jordan, over 24,000 refugees lack stable access to health care, childhood education, services, or work opportunities. Considered the poorest refugee camp in Jordan, health workers struggle to obtain the training and materials needed to meet the health needs of displaced populations.

Paula Raney, an occupational therapist, uses Hesperian’s Disabled Village Children to train health workers on the unique care needs of disabled children, including treatment of scoliosis, clubfoot, muscular dystrophy, and other ailments.

Thank goodness for Hesperian’s excellent resources for village health workers!”
— Paula Raney


For decades, Hesperian’s materials have been used in emergency settings to help vulnerable groups. Today, nearly 60 million people are displaced around the globe — 1 out of every 122 worldwide — and the number is growing as the Syrian refugee crisis intensifies.

In response to this newest public health emergency, Hesperian is partnering with the Syrian American Medical Society to send Hesperian’s comprehensive health guide Where There Is No Doctor to help health workers treating fleeing Syrians.

Please give today to ship Where There Is No Doctor to refugees. Any amount will help send life-saving health information to people who need it most.