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To show our thanks, enjoy 20% off ’til Sunday

November 23, 2015

Photo courtesy of Collective Amigos de Cleto, San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla, Mexico

Photo courtesy of Collective Amigos de Cleto, San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla, Mexico

Thanks to you, free health info is sent around the world

Every day, Hesperian receives letters from all over the world requesting copies of our materials. Village health workers, teachers, community members, and medical practitioners from places as far away as Nigeria, Ghana, El Salvador, and Brazil send letters, often hand-written, that tell the story of their communities — and their need for Hesperian books.

 Here’s a note from a villager in Ghana:

“I live in a village far from the health center about 46 kilometers away. With about 95% of the rural folks being illiterate, health care and personal hygiene are matters of great concern. Dental care is another problem. The people believe that milk teeth are not permanent teeth and must be left to decay in order to allow for the growth of the adolescent teeth…I intend to form a team who would study specific areas pertinent to our situation and to go out to educate the people.”

Each letter is read and answered by dedicated volunteers from our Gratis Book Program. Last year alone, we were able to send over 1,100 free books to communities that couldn’t afford the cost. And it was all possible thanks to supporters like you.

To show our appreciation, all Hesperian titles are 20% off through Sunday, November 29th. Use the code Thanks20 at checkout for our clear, easy-to-understand health information that helps people take charge of their health anywhere in the world. 

And if you’d like to help grow our Gratis Book Program, contribute today to spread lifesaving health information to those who need it most.