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Take a sneak peak at our 2016 plans!

December 31, 2015



Dear Friends,
Thanks to your support, we accomplished more than we ever imagined in 2015. We released 2 major new books — Health Actions for Women, and Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety, printed an updated edition of Where There Is No Doctor, and produced and published 2 new French editions. Hesperian Health Guides are now available in 84 languages — 263 titles in all!
Our free, online HealthWiki was visited by an astonishing 5 million people — with material in 13 languages used in 221 countries — and we sent thousands of free books to communities around the world, from Albania to Zambia. Read more about our amazing year in our 2015 Annual Report.
With your support, 

we have even bigger plans for 2016 —
  • We’re publishing a new book! Working with Latino Health Access, we’re producing a book on their history and unique model of training health promoters to care for uninsured and underserved communities in the US.
  • Our brand-new Workers’ Guide to Health and Safety, is being translated into Vietnamese, Bangla, and Spanish to reach factory workers making cell phones, clothes, and shoes, who face harsh working conditions, low pay, discrimination, and violence.
  • Addressing difficult topics like fistula in our HealthWiki. Caused by prolonged labor, fistula ruins the lives of women but it’s easily preventable and repairable. The best way to reduce fistula is to keep girls in school and prevent early marriage, improve community care, and reduce stigma.
  • Health Actions for Women: Practical Strategies to Mobilize for Change is being translated into Spanish, Nepali, Lao, Bangla, Chinese and Urdu! Filled with games and activities, it’s the perfect guide to having the tough conversations about sexuality, family planning, and gendered needed to improve the health of women and girls.
  • A Book for Midwives will be published in French to provide life-saving information and support training of community midwives in West Africa and around the world.
  • We’ll launch new chapters on diabetes, cancer, and heart disease online in the NEW Where There Is No Doctor. Previously thought of as diseases of the affluent, they are now affecting the whole world and urgently need addressing.
  • New online chapters in Swahili, Haitian Kreyol, and Portuguese of NEW Where There Is No Doctor, extending the scope of health topics to keep pace with today’s globalized world and its new challenges.
  • Every chapter of our upcoming book Helping Children with HIV will be intensively field-tested in Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia. Our field testing ensures our information is clear, culturally respectful, and easily used by the people who need it most. More than 2.5 million children are living with HIV and need extra help to be healthy and happy.
Hesperian’s small staff, dedicated volunteers, and global partners hope to carry out all this and more. With your help, we can do it.
Help people around the world have a happy and healthy New Year. Support our 2016 plans today!
In health,
Sarah Shannon
Executive Director