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Don’t let Amazon fool you!

July 17, 2016

Amazon, with 65% of US book sales, dominates the book market. By driving out competition with ultra-low prices, they hurt bookstores and small publishers alike. But the machines that control the prices on Amazon sometimes screw up, like they have this week. Now you can take advantage of their error AND help us fight back. 

Save 20% when you purchase both Where There Is No Doctor and Where There Is No Dentist directly from Hesperian and pay less than you would pay Amazon ($34.95 from Hesperian vs. $40.40 on Amazon). Our two best-selling books together offer a broad range of general and oral health information, making them essential to health workers, educators, and activists.

Hesperian is proud to be an independent, progressive publisher. When you buy directly from us you aren’t just paying for a book. Your purchase helps produce the trusted health information that millions of people around the world access on our free HealthWiki. You help us rapidly develop and distribute materials to respond to public health emergencies, like we did with Ebola and the earthquake in Haiti, and as we are doing with the current Zika crisis. Your book purchases also send books to health workers around the world who can’t afford to buy them, and to refugees suffering the uncertainty and fear of war.

Don’t let Amazon fool you. By underselling the competition they’re making more money than ever at the expense of putting small publishers like Hesperian out of business. Support Health for All by buying directly from us today and into the future.