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Babies and breastfeeding: 13 and counting

November 16, 2016

Too often, mothers and children in Somalia die in childbirth and infancy from lack of access to the prevention and treatment tools that would give them a chance at survival. Regular prenatal care, trained birth attendants, clean water and medical instruments, and availability of medicines are just some of the conditions needed for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

Somalia has one the highest rates of first-day newborn death rates in the world, with eighteen out of 1,000 babies dying the very first day they are born, and 5% dying within the first month of life. Access to skilled birth attendants during birth could prevent these deaths but less than half of all women in Somalia have that support.

We have recently released an advanced chapter from the NEW Where There is No Doctor in Somali on Newborn Babies and Breastfeeding in our HealthWiki. Access to this practical information could make a big difference for the survival of thousands of mothers and babies. 

Loaded with pictures of how to assess and respond to the health needs of newborn infants, this guide is useful to people with varying literacy levels. It includes information about how to check on infants immediately after birth, how to identify and treat infections, vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, among other health problems. The chapter also includes medicines and dosage information. 

Explore this resource in our free, online Healthwiki and be sure to share it widely with your networks and colleagues!