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Sharing critical information worldwide

January 26, 2017


As women in the US and around the world are orgnaizing to protect their rights, they can access critical health information, including family planning, with Hesperian resources.

In Texas, we’ve encouraged online readership of Where Women Have No Doctor in our HealthWiki to grow to nearly half a million readers, women who have flocked to pages about reproductive health and family planning as their health care has become increasingly inaccessible. Readership of reproductive health information in the US and Mexico has reached nearly five million, as regressive political climates have made it more vital than ever for women to find respectful, trustworthy information about their health.

2017 Women's March in Eugene, OR.

Our readers worldwide have developed brilliant solutions to make health more accessible – such as the GynePunks in Spain, who are 3-D printing specula and using our materials to create low-cost tools for gynecological checkups. GynePunk has run trainings using Hesperian’s A Book for Midwives to show how vinegar tests and cryotherapy can be used to test for and prevent cervical cancer. They have released a toolkit to help immigrants, women in refugee camps, sex workers, and others with limited access to health coverage.

Hesperian’s books have helped women for over forty years, and online access is extending that to reach even further. As access to care is increasingly limited, it is ever more vital that this information be made available to you, our readers, without fear, censorship, or bias. We commit to sharing reliable, factual information to support the incredible work you do.