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When a bug bite isn’t just a bug bite

June 27, 2017


After last year’s frightening Zika outbreak, it comes as welcome news that reports of new cases have slowed down in areas of Brazil and the Caribbean. While cases in Florida also seem to be reducing, the CDC recently reported a larger breadth of the Zika-carrying mosquito in the south than previously known.

The Zika crisis is a powerful reminder that mosquito-borne illness can make a serious impact on your health. Take precautions to prevent Zika, malaria, chikungunya and dengue, because some of these diseases can make you feel miserable quickly and others could cause long-lasting problems. Knowing how to prevent mosquito bites in risky areas is vital, especially when traveling to a new place.

Hesperian’s Zika Fact Sheet, available in 5 languages, is a resource for those living or traveling in areas at risk for mosquito-borne illness. The Zika Fact Sheet has information about identifying Zika, care and recovery, prevention, and transmission. Equip yourself with this free and useful information if you are traveling or returning from zones at risk of mosquito-borne illness. Also be sure to take our Spanish, French, Portuguese, or Haitian Kreyol translations to share with health care workers, teachers, and other community members.

Community-wide prevention efforts are crucial to fighting mosquito-borne illness. Communities have many options for protecting themselves, such as ensuring that standing water does not collect, making diligent use of repellents and mosquito nets, and sharing resources and information about transmission. Community Guide to Environmental Health has more information about the safety of various insecticides and natural methods of combating mosquitoes, like breeding mosquito-eating fish and planting trees where bats, birds and other mosquito predators can nest. To help share this information, all 5 language editions of Community Guide to Environmental Health are 20% off, now through July 7th. Use coupon code Protect at checkout to save.