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Training programs use Where There Is No Doctor

July 26, 2017


We receive stories from people around the world who use Where There Is No Doctor and Hesperian’s other titles in their training and primary health care programs. Health workers appreciate the books’ approach to sensitive or “taboo” issues, the clearly-written information their patients or trainees can understand, and the adaptable, practical solutions to a variety of health problems.

In April, Save Tanzania, a  community-based organization that works to protect the reproductive and economic rights of women, used Where There Is No Doctor, Where Women Have No Doctor, and A Book for Midwives to conduct a multi-day training on Reproductive Health Capacity Building. The mixed gender cohort of participants included pharmacists, nurses, midwives, and doctors from rural environments. The organizers used the books to provide current information on transmission of HIV/AIDS, nutrition during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, family planning, and reproductive rights. Each participant left the training with a copy of the books to support them in their work.

“This training was done with the assistance of books we received from Hesperian which helped us to have current information on many health topics. We have raised awareness on reproductive health which will help many of the participants in their daily life.”
Save Tanzania

In Chuuk, a state in Micronesia, the State Department of Health Services purchased several hundred copies of Where There Is No Doctor and A Book for Midwives for use by their Health Assistants, assigned to remote islands far from the state’s only hospital. The Health Assistants consult the books for reference.

These are just two examples of how Hesperian books make a valuable addition to any health training program. To support your efforts, we are happy to offer significant discounts on bulk orders of our books. Please contact us at [email protected] for details or to place an order.¬†