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New publication: Problems with the Eyes and Seeing

February 14, 2018


Worldwide, 80% of blindness and poor vision could be prevented or corrected. Many people with early stages of vision problems don’t seek care because they don’t recognize the symptoms, lack insurance, or have other more immediate concerns. Community health workers are uniquely placed to provide education around eye health, prevent problems from developing, and quickly treat common eye problems.

Problems with the Eyes and Seeing, a new Hesperian module just released on our HealthWiki, will help community health workers and others involved in primary care to identify eye and vision problems in a timely way, refer patients to higher levels of care, respond to eye injuries, and promote preventative eye health. Problems with the Eyes and Seeing was field-tested in The Gambia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Belize, and India. Field-test participants commented on how easy to use the material is and how important to community health worker training eye health should be.

A trainer from Hillside Hillside Health Care International in Belize wrote:

Problems with the Eyes and Seeing identified eye conditions we had not even thought about, and provided more information than we expected. We are glad CHWs will get this training because eye health is often overlooked in both urban and rural communities. It is very informative, relatively easy to understand, culturally appropriate and user-friendly.”

The Problems with the Eyes and Seeing module is available for free on Hesperian’s HealthWiki. If you are interested in purchasing printed booklets for your work, helping with distribution or further translations, please contact us at [email protected].