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International Women’s Day and Rohingya women

March 8, 2018


Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugee women are suffering in crowded camps, with poor water and sanitation, trying to care for themselves and their children. Because rape is a weapon of the Myanmar military, thousands of Rohingya women are pregnant and in desperate need of reproductive care and other women’s health services. But in the refugee camps, women’s healthcare is minimal or nonexistent. For International Women’s Day, we’re asking aid organizations, health workers, volunteers, and everyone else supporting Rohingya women to use Hesperian books in your work. Where Women Have no Doctor and all of Hesperian’s other women’s health titles are on sale for the month of March with coupon code IWD18.

Refugee camp in Bangladesh for Rohingya refugees.

Where Women Have no Doctor contains lifesaving information to help understand, treat, and prevent health problems that affect women. In times of crisis, this book can empower women, program staff, refugee case workers, and others to support women struggling with mental and physical health issues. There are so many ways this book can be put to work in humanitarian settings. 

One interesting story comes from a midwife providing women’s health care during war: “I used Where Women Have no Doctor to train translators in Afghanistan and Iran. They were mostly young, unmarried men, knowing nothing about women’s health issues. It improved their vocabulary/knowledge and helped them become less shy when talking about these topics.”

Your organization can take advantage of this sale to purchase Where Women Have No Doctor to help meet the health needs of Rohingya women. Learn more about Hesperian’s work to support Rohingya women here.