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A new edition of “Where Women Have No Doctor” for a new generation.

May 16, 2023

To mark its 25th anniversary, a completely revised, updated edition of Where Women Have No Doctor is just back from the printer! When first published in 1998, Where Women was the first accessibly written source of health information for millions of women worldwide. Its revolutionary approach challenged medical systems which discriminated against women and their needs.

The new edition of Where Women Have No Doctor examines advances in and challenges to health – the biological issues our bodies have as affected by social conditions – for a new generation. With updated understandings of poverty, climate change and especially gender, the book continues its revolutionary push to make health and health care more inclusive.

While the dozen re-printings of Where Women Have No Doctor over the years have incorporated updated medicine and treatment information, this new edition also reflects changes in the ways social determinants affect the health of girls, women, people who can become pregnant, and anyone whose life and health is affected by gender discrimination.

This updated edition integrates new understandings of:

  • Conditions for refugees and displaced people fleeing violence and climate crises
  • Chemical exposures and occupational health and safety
  • The increased safety and efficacy of abortion medicines
  • Ways to increase access to care and oppose discrimination against people with disabilities
  • How access to clean water and sanitation improve health for women and families
  • New methods of contraception
  • The need to address mental health challenges from climate change and the COVID pandemic

And so much more! Buy the new edition for yourself or for the health activist in your life, or learn more by reading the Table of Contents, a sample chapter, and reviews here.