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COVID-19 Fact SheetHesperian Health Guides publishes 20 titles, spanning women’s health, children, disabilities, dentistry, health education, HIV, and environmental health. From this page, you can buy, download, or read health materials in English. View Resources by Language to explore materials in Spanish and other languages.

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Helping Children Live with HIV

A new, innovative community health guide, designed to empower families and communities affected by HIV in their efforts to support children’s well-being and healthy development. Richly illustrated, filled with unique stories and practical advice, this resource addresses both the physical and emotional health needs of children living with HIV.

Recruiting the Heart, Training the Brain

Tells the story of how Latino Health Access developed its groundbreaking model of peer-to-peer outreach and education in Santa Ana, California to address health problems exacerbated by poverty and discrimination. Their strategies and accomplishments will inspire change across an increasingly unhealthy America. 

Where There Is No Doctor

The most widely-used health care manual for health workers, educators, and others involved in primary health care and health promotion around the world. Current edition includes updated information on malaria, HIV, and more.

Workers' Guide to Health and Safety

Shows how workers can assess their workplaces, recognize hazards, and take charge of their health and safety, especially in electronics, shoe, and garment factories. Focuses on developing actionable alternatives to hazardous conditions and organizing for improvements.

Health Actions for Women

Provides inspiring activities, strategies, and stories that help challenge violence against women, improve access to family planning, foster safe motherhood, promote strategies for better sexual health, counteract restrictive gender roles, and improve health services for women and girls.

New Where There Is No Doctor - new topics!

Timely and important health materials for treatment, prevention, and community action on diabetes, cancer, heart disease, vaccines, reproductive and sexual health, and so much more. New topics and translations are added regularly to the Healthwiki and several booklets are available for purchase.

Where There Is No Dentist

This basic dental manual uses clear language and step-by-step instructions to discuss preventive care of teeth and gums, diagnosis and treatment of common dental problems, and oral health and HIV.

Where Women Have No Doctor

An essential resource that helps a community understand, treat, and prevent many health problems that affect women. Topics include reproductive health, violence, mental health, HIV, and more.

A Book for Midwives

A vital resource for practicing midwives and midwifery training programs around the world, this book covers the essentials of care before, during, and after birth. Updated to reflect new WHO/UNICEF guidelines for mothers and newborns.

Helping Health Workers Learn

An indispensable resource for health educators, this book provides hundreds of methods, aids, and learning strategies to make health education engaging and effective, encouraging community involvement through participatory education.

A Community Guide to Environmental Health

This guide contains information, activities, stories, and instructions for simple technologies that help health promoters, environmental activists, and community leaders take charge of their environmental health.

Disabled Village Children

This manual contains a wealth of clear and detailed information along with easy-to-implement strategies for all who are concerned about the well being of children with disabilities, especially those living in communities with limited resources.

Helping Children Who Are Blind

The simple and engaging activities in this book can help parents, caregivers, teachers, health workers, rehabilitation workers, and others help a child with vision problems develop all of his or her capabilities.

Helping Children Who Are Deaf

This groundbreaking book, packed with activities on how to foster language learning through both sign and oral approaches, supports parents and other caregivers in building the communication skills of babies and young children.

A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities

Developed with the participation of women with disabilities in 42 countries, this guide helps women to overcome the barriers of social stigma and inadequate care to improve their general health, self-esteem, and independence.

Health and Empowerment Bookshelf

Through our work, we find great resources on health and community empowerment written by like-minded organizations. We offer some of these hard-to-find titles by other publishers for sale on our “Health and Empowerment Bookshelf."

The Childbirth Picture Book

The Childbirth Picture Book provides a simple and complete guide to the basics of conception, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. This 67-page book contains 34 pages of detailed line drawings depicting every step of the reproductive process. Also available in Spanish, French and Arabic.

Sanitation and Cleanliness

This resource offers information on basic sanitation and hygiene, including instructions on building safe, affordable, environmentally-friendly sanitation systems, as well as learning activities to help communities understand and prevent sanitation-related health problems.

Water for Life

This selected material from Hesperian's Community Guide to Environmental Health explains how to improve drinking water sources, treat water as a right for all people, make it safe for drinking, and organize water projects to improve community health in 46 pages.

Pesticides are Poison

This resource provides detailed information about pesticides and addresses how to treat people in pesticide emergencies and reduce harm caused by pesticides. It also offers alternate pest control methods that do not use harmful chemicals. 

Working Together to Stop Obstetric Fistula

How to prevent fistula and the devastating social, economic and health problems caused by it are explained in this pamphlet. It includes information on the surgery to repair fistula and where to get it.

Women's Health Exchange

The Women’s Health Exchange is a series of resources for education and training on a broad range of women’s health topics, from family planning, to domestic violence, to women and work.

Hesperian Flyers and Posters

Featured flyers and posters include: Cholera Prevention Fact Sheet, Safe Handling of Health Care Waste, Fighting Factory Fires, Danger Signs of Childbirth, and Zika.  If you have created a flyer or poster using Hesperian materials, please send it to us at [email protected]!

Health for All Medical Glossary

Health for All Medical Glossary in Spanish, Kreyol, French, and English

By MEDICC and Hesperian

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Resources from other organizations

Links to additional resources on topics including community health, HIV, people with disabilities, women’s health, nutrition, and others can be found on this page, organized by topic, in the Hesperian HealthWiki.

Helping Health Workers Learn

Disabled Village Children

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Working Together to Stop Obstetric Fistula




How to prevent fistula and the devastating social, economic and health problems caused by it are explained in this pamphlet. It includes information on the surgery to repair fistula and where to get it. Please support expanding this project.