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Our Mobile Applications

Hesperian’s mobile apps for Women’s Health

Women are healthier when they decide for themselves when to have sex, when to get pregnant, and when to have children. Hesperian’s trusted reproductive health information, which women have relied on for years, is now even more accessible as mobile apps. After downloading, these practical, multi-lingual apps operate entirely offline, without a data plan. Use them to make decisions that ensure healthier outcomes for yourself, your sisters, and for the women you counsel.

Safe Abortion (SA)

MULTILINGUAL APP: English, Spanish, and French

This app provides comprehensive, user-friendly information on safe abortion, including a gestational calculator. To be used alone or shared by women, healthcare workers and women’s health advocates, this app is designed to ensure user privacy. Read more…

Safe Pregnancy & Birth

This award-winning app on pregnancy and birth was developed for health educators and expecting mothers. Comprehensive, clear, and heavily illustrated, information addresses how to overcome risks and stay healthy during pregnancy, birth and afterwards. Read more…

Family Planning

MULTILINGUAL APP (BETA version): English, Spanish, French & Swahili

Contact us for Apple (iOS)

This app describes a range of contraceptive options and includes a  questionnaire to match them to a woman’s body, circumstances, and preferences. An interactive exercise helps develop birth control counseling skills. Complete and usable now, this beta version is being user-tested to improve it; to participate, email us at [email protected]