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Safe Abortion app (SA)

Free | Private | Works Offline | Multilingual

Accurate, actionable, and comprehensive information about abortion — downloads free in 8 languages!

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Developed by experts, tested in 18 countries, and now used in every country around the world, this app helps individuals, healthworkers, and supporters:

  • Easily calculate weeks of pregnancy
  • Explore all safe abortion methods — which to use when, how to prepare, what to expect, etc.
  • Learn the correct doses to use abortion pills safely
  • Identify and respond to danger signs if they develop
  • Learn about special pills or regular birth control pills for Emergency Contraception
  • Answer questions and address concerns in an extensive FAQ section

Trustworthy, understandable information is essential to ending unsafe abortion and providing access to care for all who need it. And it’s confidential: we don’t track you or how you use the app, so we can’t share or sell anything about you.

Current languages include: English, French, Spanish, Igbo, Kinyarwanda, Luganda, Yoruba and Swahili.

Want to translate this app into your language? Want to share your feedback to help us improve the app? [email protected]