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Share Your Story

Has a Hesperian book or resource helped you do something you never thought you could do? Extract a tooth? Deliver a baby? Save someone’s life? Implement a health program in your community? We want to hear about it!

Tell us your story of how you took action equipped with a Hesperian book or digital tool and send a photo to [email protected]!

“I credit ‘Where There Is No Doctor’ with saving my life. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, 1978-80, in an area far from the capitol with abysmal medical facilities. One day I got very, very sick: high sweating fever, followed by hallucinations and chills so strong that my shivering shook the bed frame. I asked my neighbor and friend to read me the malaria section of ‘Where There Is No Doctor.’ He didn’t really speak English but somehow he found and haltingly read me the critical passages from the book. I instructed as he counted out the prescribed pills, fetched filtered water, and monitored my condition from hour to hour. It took a few weeks, but I recovered. And I’ve always been profoundly grateful to my good neighbor and ‘Where There Is No Doctor.’ “
— Pamela Martin