India’s COVID-19 Emergency


India is experiencing a worse-case pandemic scenario. Over 300,000 people are reporting sick with COVID-19 every day. As the virus spreads, the health system — and the political and administrative will to save lives — has completely collapsed.  The scale of the crisis is vast. The collective grief is unfathomable. Non-governmental, volunteer-led initiatives are doing the work to rescue those gasping for breath and provide as much relief as is possible during this ongoing health emergency— by procuring and providing oxygen, distributing emergency relief medical kits, and ensuring food supplies to individuals and households struggling with illness.

Where to give: Please see this list of organizations and initiatives able to accept international donations. This list of national and local organizations supporting COVID-relief work across India is being updated based on live, local reporting.

Hesperian’s COVID-19 fact sheets in Indian Languages: Please see this list and share these resources with your networks!

Coronavirus fact sheet

Is your sickness COVID-19?

Staying well in the time of coronavirus

Caring for a sick person at home


Thank you for your health solidarity.