Cooling climate anxiety during the hottest summer yet — heat, floods, fire and fear


The brutal consequences of climate change are especially apparent this summer. On the West Coast, we are sweating through an extreme heat wave and bracing for a prolonged, frightening fire season. Fresh in our memory is the orange sky of doom that descended upon the Bay Area 11 months ago. Meanwhile, people in China, India and Europe are devastated by floods.

Facing these harsh realities of the climate crisis is a necessity, but it can leave us feeling helpless and vulnerable. Instead of giving in to those feelings, gain more control by getting involved with local environmental organizations holding governments and corporations accountable for their roles in creating the climate emergency. Our book, A Community Guide to Environmental Health is a good starting place to learn about ways to get organized. The Community Guide also includes practical information on how to purify water, build safe toilets, and build protective equipment which can be helpful during emergencies.

Additionally, by preparing yourself and your family if disaster strikes may also ease your anxieties around climate change. Hesperian has a variety of materials to help you and your loved ones navigate health issues that may arise. Where There Is No Doctor provides helpful information on how to take care of common injuries and illnesses. Having Where There Is No Animal Doctor may also be helpful if you have pets or farm animals.