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Family Planning

NEW! Multilingual Mobile app in English, Spanish, French and Swahili

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This app is designed to support counseling conversations about contraceptive choices by frontline health workers, community leaders and peer promoters. The app provides comprehensive information about contraceptive options. When women can choose the contraceptive method that best suits their preferences and needs they will have greater control over their reproductive health.

The Family Planning app includes:

  • a “method-choosing” tool to help determine which methods best account for individual preferences, circumstances and health history.
  • describes the benefits and the disadvantages of each method.
  • an extensive FAQ section answers general questions about contraception and addresses common concerns specific to certain birth control methods.
  • interactive exercises to help develop birth control counseling skills.

Help improve this app! We are actively working to improve this app and can only make it better with your help. Contact us at [email protected]