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Celebrating the ADA’s 31st Anniversary

31 years ago today, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law after two years of lobbying and organizing. This historic win was made possible by the work of activists like Ed Roberts and Judy Heumann who had been fighting for disability rights for decades. The ADA made public spaces, transportation and job […]

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Hesperian’s COVID-19 Resources in Indian Languages

As the COVID-19 crisis continues in India and affects other countries in the region, we wanted to compile a collection of Hesperian’s COVID-19 resources in Indian languages. This blogpost will be updated regularly as our resources are translated into more languages. Please share these resources with your networks! Bangla Hindi Marathi করোনাভাইরাস — কোভিড-১৯ (Coronavirus […]


India’s COVID-19 Emergency

India is experiencing a worse-case pandemic scenario. Over 300,000 people are reporting sick with COVID-19 every day. As the virus spreads, the health system — and the political and administrative will to save lives — has completely collapsed.  The scale of the crisis is vast. The collective grief is unfathomable. Non-governmental, volunteer-led initiatives are doing the […]


How the ‘Shadow Pandemic’ has impacted women worldwide

Gender-based violence, especially domestic violence, has increased as isolation at home has forced more exposure to abusers. This surge of violence, often referred to as the Shadow Pandemic, is a worldwide phenomenon. “Levels of gender-based violence have risen by more than half since the pandemic began” in Columbia, and in South Africa, support centers registered […]


Standing in Solidarity with the Asian Community

As the horrific news of the murder of six women of Asian descent in Atlanta sinks in, all of us at Hesperian stand in solidarity with members of the Asian community, as well as others who face racism in America and are personally impacted.  Anti-Asian racism has long existed in the US, and was intensified […]


Working together to support women’s health during COVID-19

One in four women of reproductive age in East Africa can’t get the contraception they need. In low-wealth communities and in remote and rural areas, it can be even more difficult to get needed sexual and reproductive health services. With health systems overloaded by the COVID-19 pandemic, facilities serving women and girls have closed or […]