Remembering Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury

Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, an internationally known public health leader from Bangladesh whose organization, Gonoshasthaya Kendra, was one of the first to translate and adapt Where There Is No Doctor, passed away on April 11, 2023.
Man helps a child wash hands using a cup, bucket and soap while a woman walks other child to an outdoor bathroom.

Everybody Poops.

Here in North America it sounds like the punchline to a bad joke, but World Toilet Day is real. And we’ll be celebrating it along with the rest of the world next week!
A collage of various Hesperian volunteers.
Group of people march in protest and hold a banner supporting Stop Line 3.

Everyday is Indigenous People’s Day

This Monday, Hesperian did not observe Columbus Day. Our organization made a conscious decision to not honor the holiday, not reinforce the misinformation that Columbus’ “discovered” the Americas, and not celebrate the violence and genocide…
Safe abortion is essential healthcare! Sept 28th. International Safe Abortion Day.

Women choose. We help.

Mexico’s highest court ruled unanimously this month to decriminalize abortion and set the precedent to legalize abortion nation-wide. While the focus is on abortion, it is impossible not to be moved by the words of liberation and justice the…
Group of people stare at flooded area of village.

Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst

The headlines have been bleak. Hurricanes, floods, fires, and earthquakes, all caused or intensified by climate change, have destroyed homes, businesses and crops, and displaced families all over the world. Not to mention the toxic spills from…